From 0 to 1 in web3

Soul-less interviews and podcasts are omnipresent in web3.

We wanna more about the people behind web3 projects: who they are, what they love, who they learn from, what they read, and especially how they got from 0 to 1 in web3

Imitation, or mimetic desire, is a well-known social phenomenon described by Rene Girard. Basically, we'll want the exact same things other people desire: it's a social and survival code written deep down inside us. This is how humanity has evolved from the stone age to where we are today: by finding examples to follow and desiring to be who they are and/or have what they have.

In the web3 microcosm, everyone wants to contribute and make a difference.
But our world, characterized by technological transparency,  is paradoxically governed by social opacity but which makes it hard to find humans to identify to. We're all hiding behind pseudo and PFP pictures: it's a good thing that will probably never change. Does that mean we cannot find new undoxxed ways to still get a human touch with our fellow web3 users and makers?

By sharing the stories of the humans behind the most famous web3 successes, we believe we'll help future makers and newcomers identify themselves more easily with the current web3 maker's scene.

This will help the uprising of the new leaders of tomorrow. This is how, as a community, we'll get one of the most valuable things in the world: a token of honor.