Pablo from Angle Protocol
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Pablo from Angle Protocol

Pablo from Angle Protocol

For the first Token of Honor interview, we're glad to welcome Pablo, CEO at Angle Protocol.

Hey Pablo! What’s your background?

I am an engineer, I was a student at Polytechnique in France and then went to Stanford University to do a masters there. I did a lot of maths, applied maths, economics, and a bit of computer science. At first, I wanted to be an investment banker and did some internships for this but quickly realized that I liked to build stuff. So I went to web3 right after the end of my studies.

When and what was your first interaction with crypto? What was your « wow » moment?

My first interaction with crypto was in 2019. The first “wow” was when I started to make some real profits from it. But the real first “wow” was when I started to interact with DeFi protocols and saw the visual representation of the theoretical concepts I had studied. Playing with Compound has been a game-changer for me.

Can you describe your project in 1-2 sentence(s) ? Why do you think it’s important?

Angle is a decentralized stablecoin protocol, we have launched agEUR which has become one of the biggest Euro stablecoins in the market.

It’s important to have non-USD stablecoins first to give opportunities to people in Europe to enjoy DeFi just like people in the US can, but also to defend European sovereignty and influence in this sphere. It’s cool to be able to get a yield on €, without having to care about the change risk, and that’s why we try to propose, but it’s even cooler to be able to expand the Euro influence in crypto.

How did you find your first users? What was the strategy?

We found our users because I think we’re answering a real need in the market: so people hearing about us came for this. We’ve also spent a lot of time on testnet and many people came to help us at this time. The strategy for us was to launch a secure protocol with no flaws or bugs in it, community was important to help us with this. We did not have any clear tactic though to onboard many people with us, what we just did is that we tried a lot of different ideas (quizzes, reward systems on the Discord) which ended up working quite well.

How does your project make money? Can you share 1 stat about your project you’re particularly proud of?

The project makes money because it takes small transaction fees when people mint and burn stablecoins, and it has some yield strategies on its reserves (involving lending to Compound, Aave).

I am proud of the rewards we give every week to veANGLE holders (between $20-60k weekly) which makes the APR for locking veANGLE as high as 65%.

When and what was your last epic win? and your last epic fail?

Last epic win: I think managing to list agEUR on Aave, it was not obvious but the right people helped us at the right time and now every European institution can lend agEUR on Aave and get a risk-free yield on this.

Epic fail: I guess would be the recent price action of the ANGLE token which for different reasons has been decreasing a lot recently.

Share with us a picture/screenshot that represents perfectly your childhood/adolescence

If there was no web3, what would you be doing? If there were no computers, what would you be doing?

If there was no web3, I guess I’d be doing data science or machine learning in a web2 company, like most people with my background.

If there were no computers, I’d be doing some basic engineering stuff I guess, like building bridges, buildings, dams and so on. Or maybe politics.

Gimli, Aragorn or Legolas? Destroy the ring or keep it for yourself? Why?

Legolas because he aims super well and I’d like to be as accurate as he is. And obviously, keep the ring for me because I like superpowers.

Can you describe a typical day in your life?

I care a lot about routine, and I have huge respect for people who are able to keep working while traveling a lot and being in different areas.

I usually go to work early, around 8:30, and then work till 8. I look at my messages a lot even when I am not working so I'm sort almost all the time thinking about crypto/web3

Prefered movie / documentary / podcast?

I won’t be that original but my preferred movie is Inception, for documentary, I’ll go the hard way and choose De Nuremberg à Nuremberg, as for my favorite podcast, I’m going to be French again and pick Affaires Sensibles. I don’t listen to many crypto podcasts, even though I should spend more time doing this.

What was the one positive thing you underestimated before building in web3?

I did not expect the existence of teams that work very closely together even though they’re not on the same projects. The StakeDAO team is helping us a lot, even though we’re completely different teams, and it’s not the only example of teams we’re closely collaborating with.

Favorite philosopher/fragment of philosophy

My favorite philosopher is Epicurus and more generally the whole epicureanism philosophy. I like the idea that it promotes the fact that you should not look for too much and be happy with what’s necessary.

What’s your motto? If there was a title for your life so far, what would it be?

My motto is: Tradition is the personality of the fools.

Hard to give a title for my life at this point, I feel like I have much more to accomplish and I’ll only be ok to give a title in my life when I’ll be comfortable looking back on what I did. Now I am happy with where I am at the moment, but I have only done 1% of the way!

Who do you look up to in web3?

I have huge respect for other stablecoins builders, like Sam Kazemian from FRAX who has a great vision and pushes the space in the right direction IMO.